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Maximising Your Use of Singapore Film Database: 5 best practices to search for latest film releases, funding, venues, and organisations.

1. 🏷️ Discover Films by Your Favourite Topics:

Our films are conveniently tagged by specific details such as film setting, themes, topics, characters, ideas, and concepts.

2. 🔍 Find Your Perfect Film:

Use our search tool to find latest films or films that relate to your interests.

3. 📚 Get the Details

Access comprehensive information about each film, including synopsis, cast, crew, and distribution details

4. 🎬 Uncover Cinema Spaces

Immerse yourself in the world of Singapore cinema by exploring our "Spaces" section, showcasing cinemas and other film-related locations.

5. 📑 Explore the Film Ecosystem

Explore the "Resources and Funding" sections to learn about the individuals, latest funding bodies, and organisations that nurture and sustain Singapore's film ecosystem.


Start your personalised Singapore cinema journey today! 🎥🇸🇬

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