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The Tattooist

Directed by

Peter Burger




92 minutes


Drama, Horror, Thriller


Samoan, English


Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) is a global wanderer and tattooist who explores ethnic themes in his designs. While visiting Singapore to sell his craft at a local trade show, he swipes an ancient Samoan tattoo tool. After flying to New Zealand to resume his art, he meet up with a lovely Samoan woman named Sina (Mia Blake) and discovers the local Samoan culture.

But Jake slowly learns that his stolen tool ends up unleashing an evil avenging spirit whom targets all of the customers that Jake has given tattoos to since his theft of the tool. While attempting to learn pe'a, the Samoan tradition of tattooing, Jake soon realizes that Sina is imperiled when she gets a tattoo from him and he must find a way to save her, and himself.



Julie Christie, James Dean, Robin Scholes, Daniel Yun

Produced by

Daydream Productions (executive producer), Eyeworks Touchdown, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, New Zealand Film Commission

International Sales/Distribution


Jason Behr, Michael Hurst, Nathaniel Lees, Robbie Magasiva, David Fane


2007, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Tattoo, Samoan, Spirit, Supernatural, Tradition

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