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One Last Dance

Directed by

Max Makowski




100 minutes


Action, Comedy, Romance


Cantonese, Mandarin, English


T (Francis Ng) is Singapore's top class hitman. Every time he receives a red envelope with a name written inside, it means a life will be lost in this world. But he also has his own friendships and romance buried deep inside his heart. Captain (Ti Lung) is T's confidant who plays chess with him by exchanging business cards while Mae (Vivian Hsu), a bartender at TeAmo Bar, is T's beloved.

During a Sunday morning, Mae's olden brother, Ko (Joseph Quek), gives a call to T. Ko was commissioned by his friend Tak to find the son of Italian mafia boss Terrtano (Harvey Keitel). Ko captures three thieves who keep their lips tight and T tortures them to reveal information. After finding Terrtano's son, T kills the three thieves. Unbeknownst to him, one of the thieves is the son of local gang leader, Mr. Sa. Mr. Sa plans to hire T to kill everyone involved in his son's murder, including Ko, Tak, Terranto and even T himself.



Peter Loehr, Titus Ho, Chan Pui Yin

Produced by

Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Media Development Authority of Singapore, The Film Bund, Ming Productions, Presto Films

International Sales/Distribution


Francis Ng, Ti Lung, Vivian Hsu, Harvey Keitel


2007, Action, Comedy, Romance, Hitman, Relationship, Love, Friendship, Murder, Revenge

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