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Kallang Roar the Movie

Directed by

Cheng Ding An




104 minutes






Battling the onslaught of a life threatening stage of diabetics, an entire board of unsupportive officials ready to oust him, a record of 12 years of Malaysian football supremacy, Uncle Choo defiantly returns to Singapore football scene in 1977 for one last short at restoring Nationalistic pride.

Uncle Choo was one unorthodox gem of a coach, regimental, courageous, determined and very imposing. He was bold, quietly confident: always believing that he and his nurtured team can accomplish milestone though with limited resources in every department. His undying love for the game and his role as a coach whom, few will would ever understand. Armed with legendary players like Quah Kim Song, Rajagopal, Samad, Mat Noh, Dollah Kassim, uncle sets out an impossible journey to remind his fellow countrymen of what it meant to be Singaporean.

This is a tale about sheer grit, unbreakable will and his deep passion, unyielding struggle with society and oneself, to finally achieve glory for one's nation through football and coined one legacy unwittingly, known to all as 'The Kallang Roar' which is of nothing to himself at the end of it.



Tay Hoo Wee

Produced by

Merelion Pictures

International Sales/Distribution


Lim Kay Siu, Leon Quah, Randall Tan, Melvinder Kanth, Anwar Hadi, Baskar Subramanian, Rei Poh, Ezaad, Tan Rui Xiang, Wu Chean, Mohd Faizal, Sharul, Santhanaram Jayaram, Adam Lau, Mohamad Hazriq Idrus


2008, Sport, Diabetic, Football, Footballer, National Pride, Coach, Passion

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