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Flooding in the time of Drought

Directed by

Sherman Ong




184 minutes




Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Hokkien, Hindi, Italian, Tagalog, German


What if suddenly the water supply runs dry in Singapore? Commissioned by the Singapore Biennale, this fusion of documentary and fiction narrative depicts the lives of foreign migrants as an impending water crisis begins to seep into their lives. With water, or the lack of it, becoming the central motif, this two-part feature length film takes us on a journey across 8 interweaved stories and 10 languages, as the protagonists, consisting of non-professional actors, grapple with this hopefully temporary discomfort, amidst their dalliance with human foibles, and their fantasies of everlasting loves and broken romances.

This aberration is a memento mori as the narratives grazed across the vague impressions of the racial tensions lingering past the 1997 riots in Indonesia, World War II, ritual beliefs, and ethnic discrimination in Southeast Asia which has been ingrained over generations and transported along with the migrant communities. Nonetheless, amidst the sporadic ventures into death and violence, sexual relations and sexualities, these are the lines of division that bind us to each other, in one way or another, as people survive through their crises.



Sunny Yong

Produced by

Paddy Pictures, 13 Little Pictures, Studio Shermano

International Sales/Distribution


Sanjay Gautam, Gayatri Devi Mishra, Inder Kocher, Nathan Boenjamin, Agnes Christina, Giovanni Lombardo, Sofia Lombardo, Giulio Lombardo, Elia Lombardo, Faridah Bte Abdul Hamid, Anke Liebnitz, Richel T Hidalgo, Consulta Gian Carlo, Teresa Cua, Sean Lee Puay Yang, Ng Lee Eng, Rose Marie Lee, Chin Kean Kok, Shin Hye Jung, Kim Yeon Jung, Shawn Kiyotaka Fukuzaki, Adelyn Leong, Sayid Wijilianto Utomo, Rattanan Channoi, Pacheun Maleipan, Wazini Masmintrachaiyanara, Xiao Jing, Zheng Mengtian, Kent Chan


2009, Drama, Singapore Biennale, Migrant Workers, Migrants, Water, Crisis, Drought, Flood, Romance, Racial Tension, Death, Violence, Sexuality

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