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Dance Dance Dragon

Directed by

Kat Goh




92 minutes




Mandarin, Chinese Dialect


Born in the Year of the Dragon, 84-year-old Mother Loong has only one wish left in life – to have a grandson. So, as Chinese New Year arrives, the old lady does all she can to fulfil her dream. However, her three children prove to be problematic. Her eldest daughter Lucy has just been ditched by her first and only boyfriend. Finding another man seems impossible for her. Her second daughter Ah Bee is too tomboyish and too fierce to attract members of the opposite sex.

All hope therefore rests on Mother Loong’s youngest son. He has been married for more than 10 years. But like most Singaporeans, he is terrified of having children. Faced with such dim prospects, Mother Loong does the only thing she is good at – she prays.

The gods hear her pleas. And on the stroke of midnight, on the first day of the 2012 Year of the Dragon, a baby appears in the Loong household, bringing along hilarious twists and turns!



Kelvin Tong

Produced by

Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Boku Films

International Sales/Distribution


Kim Ng, Dennis Chew, Adrian Pang, Melvin Sia, Lai Meng


2012, Dragon, Grandchild, Grandparents, Chinese New Year, Family, Comedy

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