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Class Acts

Directed by

Deon Phua, Tan Hwee En




74 minutes






Class Acts is a feature-length documentary tracing the genesis of Singapore's creative scene in the '90s through intimate conversations with its pioneering personalities.

From Singapore's 'godfather of design' and the frontman of Singapore's first hardcore band Stompin' Ground to the founder of one of Singapore's earliest graffiti crews ZNC and the street wear visionary behind 77th Street, these are the stories of icons and legends navigating uncharted paths, government regulations, and limited finances to make their mark on culture.

Controversial headlines, arrests, and measures to "clean up" backfired and further stoked the passion of individuals who took things into their own hands, opening the floodgates for a wave of independent design studios, self-published zines, and safe sanctuaries in the form of cultural landmarks The Substation and Zouk.

These are the stories of individuals who started creating with nothing, who push Singapore's creative standards even today. The ones who went on to inspire a new generation of musicians, designers, and street artists.

Class Acts isn't just a historical retelling of a time long past. It's a documentation of their collective spirit that never wavered despite trying circumstances. Their voices were loud, and now it's time for their stories to be heard.



Produced by

International Sales/Distribution


Abdul Nasser s/o Basheer, Alvin Tan, Anthony Ho, Bobby Luo, Chooee Hwang, Chris Lee, Douglas Khee, Eddino Abdul Hadi, Elim Chew, Esmond Wee, Foo Say Keong, Ginette Chittick, Jebson Tan, Jonathan Kiat, Justin Zhuang, Larry Peh, Little Ong, Mark Ong, Michele Blow, Najip Ali, Pann Lim, Ridhwan Ghany 'Wan Vegan', Rizal Ahyar, Shaiful Risan, Sheikh Haikel, SLACSATU, Steve Lawler, Suhaimi Subandie, Theseus Chan, Tracy Phillips, Trase One, William Chan, X'Ho


Documentary, Musicians, Designers, Zines, Street Artists, Cultural Landmarks, Zouk, Substation, Independent, Arts, Culture, Alternative, Music, Underground, Pioneering, Feminism, Politics, Creative, Graffiti, Community

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