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Zombie Dogs (2004)

63 minutes / Documentary

Plot Synopsis: A strange film that comprises as much fiction as documentary and actually transcends the genre of the mockumentary, the fake documentary. Its maker Toh Hai Leong (in reality primarily a critic) more or less plays himself as a cult film maker looking for actors for a snuff film. He rattles off monologues about film and all kinds of things. He lives like a hermit in a grubby apartment with his elder brother. They criticise the material and sterile life of Singapore, but do not really make their scruffy alternative very attractive. You could suspect a skilled actor was behind the figure of Toh Hai Leong, but local connoisseurs point out that in reality, he is no different. A confusing supporting role - confusing because of its authenticity - played by Lim Poh Huat, the extra who also performs in the short film in this programme.

Director: Toh Hai Leong

Producer(s): Eric Khoo

Produced by: Zhao Wei Films

Language: English

Cast: Lim Poh Huat, Toh Hai Leong

Critical Analysis:

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