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When the Ghost Meets Zombie (2019)

95mins / Comedy, Zombie

Plot Synopsis:

A zombie with a body but no soul, chanced upon a ghost with a soul but no body. The ghost is unable to be reincarnated due to her unfulfilled dream, she decided to co-opt with the zombie’s body and train him into winning a Mr Perfect competition to help complete her dream. When she is eventually ready to bid zombie a tearful farewell and embark on her reincarnation journey, a wicked Priest appears, intent on capturing the zombie and annihilating the ghost…

Director: Han Yew Kwang

Produced by: Clover Films

Producer: Lim Teck, Molby Low, Vanda

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Nathan Hartono, Ferlyn G, Jesseca Liu, Jeremy Chan, Fann Wong, Gurmit Singh

Critical Analysis:

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