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When Hainan Meets Teochew (2010)

81 minutes / Comedy, Romance

Plot Synopsis: A romantic comedy usually involves a handsome man and a pretty lady. But what happens when it's a 'manly' woman, and a 'womanly' man? One day, a brassiere drops on Teochew. He immediately wins the lottery and decides to keep it. Hainan begins an arduous search for her precious underwear, distributing hundreds of missing posters around her neighbourhood. Teochew sees one of the posters, and his curiosity is piqued. Bumping into Hainan one day, he asks about the brassiere, although he has no intention of returning it. Unfortunately, he lets slip more than he should, and Hainan becomes suspicious...

Director: Han Yew Kwang

Producer(s): Han Yew Kwang

Produced by: 18g Pictures

Language: English, Tamil, Teochew, Mandarin

Cast: Tan Hong Chye, Lee Chau Min, Yeo Yann Yann

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