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Wedding Diary II (2013)

96 minutes / Comedy, Drama

Plot Synopsis: Soon after marriage, Weijie and Zhixin face pressure to conceive. When it finally happens, amidst preparations for their baby’s Full-month celebration, Zhixin’s dad’s business meets with investment failures and he suffers a stroke as a result. Zhixin has to step up to take over her dad’s business. Between attending to her parents and young family, Zhixin has to run the company and deal with insubordination from the veterans. It pains Weijie to see Zhixin under such stress and he quits his job to be a stay-home dad.

Director: Adrian Teh

Producer(s): Chee Ang Keoh

Produced by: Star TV Film Entertainment Ltd (Hong Kong), Clover Films, Asia Tropical Films

Language: English, Mandarin

Cast: Aniu, Elanne Kwong, Kara Wai, Zhu Houren, Maggie Theng, Shaun Chen, Chris Tong

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