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We Are Family (2006)

103 minutes / Comedy

Plot Synopsis: Li Zhijie (Hacken Lee) proposes to his air stewardess girlfriend Jinfeng (Hu Jing) . To get the approval of both families on the marriage, they go to the hilly region of Guilin, Hong Kong's outlying island and Singapore to visit her grandmother, future in-laws as well as her uncle to be subjected to different kinds of medical and psychological tests. Then, Zhijie flies to Singapore to meet with Jinfeng's eldest brother only to realize that they are actually bitter business rivals. Will Zhijie be able to survive all and claim his bride?

Director: Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Lau Jian Hua

Producer(s): Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Clarence Yip, Chan Pui-Yin, Tse Saw-Yam

Produced by: Spring Time Cinema, Impact Entertainment, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures

Language: Cantonese, Mandarin

Cast: Hu Jing, Hacken Lee, Wing-Chung Leung, Hui Ng , Alan Tam, Jeff Wang

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