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Voluptas (2015)

73 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis:

After her failed marriage, Ariati descends into a downward spiral. Her waning spirits however is lifted, when she meets Aaron, who seemingly appears to be the better version of her previous significant other. She also meets Suhaillah, a free spirit who echoes her search for spirituality. Will these new connections breathe new life into her, and lead her to her own closure? Stripped down to its bare minimum, Voluptas is an exercise in the necessities of filmmaking: a director, his actors and a camera. Shifting through time lapses, the film reconstructs the narrative--stretching a simple premise into a more complex tale of longing, discovery and second chances. Fresh from the success of his first feature, Sayang Disayang, Voluptas marks Sanif Olek’s return to the freeform, storytelling style that was apparent in his early short films.

Director: Sanif Olek

Producer(s): Sanif Olek

Produced by: reeljuice

Language: Malay, English

Cast: Ariati Tyeb Papar, Aaron Aziz, Suhailah Salam

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