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The Spirit Compendium (2008)

90 minutes / Fantasy, Comedy

Plot Synopsis: A tragic love story and nerve-wrecking horror story all rolled into one. Tom’s girlfriend dies in a tragic accident and he plunges into depression. May is shunned by the people around her because she claims she can see spirits. Sam’s family loses their fortune and is forced to move in with his friend, Tom and May, his housemate.

The three friends embrace on a journey that begins with the mysterious disappearance of Tom’s father, who leaves Tom with only a spiritual book and an ancient Tibetan Dzi Bead. It is not until Sam is trapped in a spiritual realm that they realise the importance of the items.

Director: Benny Foo Fung Koon

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Micahel Kwah Chong Yeun

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