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The Return (2015)

80 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis:

Wen is finally released after many years of imprisonment. An old man now, he returns to an uneasy reunion with his children. Whilst his daughter welcomes him with open arms, his indignant son reminds him of his lost years. Through his explorations of his home, now turned into a slick urban jungle, Wen starts to wonder if this newfound freedom, paid for with such a high price, was actually worth the while. A fictional portrayal of life after incarceration for an ex-political detainee, The Return brings to life the silent fears and muted emotions after a trauma in the family. Merging his artistic inclinations with acute film sensitivities, Green Zeng’s foray into the feature-length territory is a poignant and momentous account into the other side of Singapore’s history.

Director: Green Zeng

Producer(s): June Chua

Produced by: Mirtillo Pictures

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Tiow Im Tan, Vincent Tee, Beng Chiak Tan

Critical Analysis:

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