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The Leap Years (2008)

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

103 minutes / Romance

Plot Synopsis: Thai heartthrob – Ananda Everingham, last seen in Shutter (2004) co-starred in this romantic love story with Singapore girl next door - Li Lin. Based on a novella by well-acclaimed writer, Dr Catherine Lim, the story talks about a young Singaporean girl having chance upon her special someone on 29th February. She decides to base her intuition on an Irish leap year tradition that no man will refuse any request of a lady and invites him out for a date. Together, they embark on a romantic journey that spans over 12 years, meeting only thrice in 12 years, on the leap year. The delightful draw being the leap yearly meet-ups is sure to entice the special someone out there in all of us.

Director: Jean Yeo

Producer(s): Chan Pui Yin, Ng San San

Produced by: Mediacorp Raintree Pictures

Language: English

Cast: Wong Lilin, Ananda Everingham, Qi Yuwu, Joan Chen

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