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The Art of Flirting (2006)

80 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall for each other. Do they live happily ever after? The Art of Flirting leads you down this road and to that question, but its not your typical romance film. It is in the vein of reality TV, with four chapters of a progressing romance, and with an ending that should be left unspoiled here. Lynn is a lifestyle reporter interviewing Leo, a jock turned entrepreneur. Their interview turns into a date as Leos flirting turns to romancing. Both have been scarred by previous relationships and one night reveal their stories after an intimate dinner at Lynn's home. The intimacy seems a welcoming comfort to both, but an all-too-familiar scenario develops. Many will recognize the path, because they have walked it before—a little romance turns into a desire for attachment. And thats where the fork in the road usually shows up. Will they take one of the forks together, or separate at the fork? What sustains this little drama are the actors and their smart dialogue. We are voyeurs, asking if they would make a good match, wondering what the next move will be.

Director: Kan Lume

Producer(s): Kan Lume

Produced by: Kuantum Pictures

Language: English

Cast: Marilyn Lee, Leonard Yeo

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