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Stories About Love (2000)

109 minutes / Music, Romance

Plot Synopsis: Stories About Love is an anthology of three different stories done in different styles by three different directors. The first story, The Music Teacher by James Toh, tells of a violin teacher Su Wen (Amy Cheng), who finds a soulmate in her 17-year-old student much to the indignation of her husband (Paul Zach). Abdul Nizam's Haura is about a young woman (Andrea DeCruz) who discovers that the man of her dreams (Mark Richmond) is not what he seems. In the last story, Click, by Cheah Chee Kong, Gerald Chew plays a loser who lives in a fantasy world where he starts an erotic fetish site called that barely stays within the boundaries of the law and succeeds beyond his wildest dreams.

Director: James Toh, Abdul Nizam, Cheah Chee Kong

Producer(s): Eric Khoo, Jacqueline Khoo, Geoff Malone, Mabelyn Ow

Produced by: Cyberflics, Four Media Company, Infinite Frameworks, Zhao Wei Films

Language: English

Cast: Mark Richmond, Amy Cheng, Beatrice Chia, Andrea De Cruz

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