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Standing in Still Water (2014)

93 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis:

Standing in Still Water reflects a few damaged lives, including a crippled young woman on the road of recovery; a man who sinks a dark secret to the bottom of the reservoir; the tale of a man struggling to recover from the loss of his daughter, and a young father who fails to reach out to his autistic son. The reservoir, the life-giver and life-taker, connects these four characters who face loss, death, hope, and love. And they are ultimately swept away by unrelenting waves of change.

Director: Ric Aw

Producer(s): Joanna Ying Ng

Produced by: The Creative Room

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Teo Boon Seong, Remus Teng, Edward Choy, Dawn Yeoh

Critical Analysis:

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