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Sing to the Dawn (2008)

93 minutes / Animation, Family, Musical

Plot Synopsis: Dawan is a teenage girl who lives with her brother, father and grandmother in a small village in Batam. Pairot is an entrepreneur and cruel landlord who is visually styled after Elvis Presley. Pairot extorts the villagers with an oppressive land tax. He claims to own the entire land of the village, and tells the villagers that he has a document from King Ramelan, the former ruler of the village. The village is unaware that Pairot is planning to evict the villagers and destroy the village to build a city with hotels and casinos. After learning about Pairot's evil plans, Dana, with the help of her sister, struggle to save her beloved village. With help from Grandfather Wiwien, Dana tries to find the King's original will. As a woman, Dawan's life is filled with difficulties and sadness. Dana is forced by her father to follow the village's patriarchal tradition. Her father has wanted to marry her off to Pairot's son, Benz. Dawan and Kai are assisted by a group of jungle animals who can talk to each other, including bird parrots named Kakatu, crow named Minah, lizards, and bear named Tante Bear. Accompanied by their animal friends, Dawan and Kai win scholarships and thwart the landlord's plan.

Director: Philip Mitchell

Producer(s): Mike Wiluan Phil Mitchell Phillip Stamp Chan Pui Yin Nia Dinata

Produced by: Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Infinite Frameworks Studios, Scorpio East Pictures, supported by Media Development Authority

Language: Indonesian, English

Cast: Celine Rosa Tan, Lim Kay Siu, Andrew Lua, Neo Swee Lin, Jason Chan, Denise Tan, Jamie Meldrum

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