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Return to Pontianak (2001)

81 minutes / Horror

Plot Synopsis: A group of hip day travellers embark on a two-day hike into the jungle, in search of a lost Malay village. They do this for the benefit of a young Asian-American woman from the United States, Charity, who is intent on finding the resting place of her birth parents who went missing in this same place 25 years ago. But the trip turns out to be more than they bargained for. Very soon, the group find themselves amidst strange surroundings, being hunted by a young woman who carries a deep, dark secret.

Director: Djinn

Producer(s): Juan Foo, Duncan Jepson

Produced by: Shaw Organisation, Vacant Films

Language: English, Malay

Cast: Hiep Thi Le, Fadali, Fadzlinda, Eleanor Lee, Stephen Banks,Victor Khong, Jafar Aris, Pak Rahman

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