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Remember Chek Jawa (2007)

47 minutes / Documentary

Plot Synopsis: A fast developing country situated on an island of just 693 square kilometres, Singapore has always struggled with land scarcity issues. Land reclamation is one of the solutions, and this was scheduled to be carried out at Pulau Ubin, a small islet northeast of Singapore.

Chek Jawa is an inter-tidal area encompassing six ecosystems in one square kilometre on Pulau Ubin and was discovered by local conservationists only in early 2001.

Since its discovery, the rich marine biodiversity of the area has drawn thousands of visitors to revel in its beauty. With land reclamation plans threatening to swallow the area’s thriving eco-systems, several groups of passionate volunteers campaigned to protect Chek Jawa, educating the public and providing feedback to the government.

This film tells the story of one of these groups – a special team of individuals who came together from all walks of life, and followed their hearts to make a difference against the odds.

Director: Eric Lin Youwei

Producer(s): Eric Lin Youwei

Produced by: Storytellers Workshop

Language: English

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