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Painted Skin (2009)

103 minutes / Action, Drama, Fantasy

Plot Synopsis: The film is set in the Han Dynasty. Xiao Wei is a fox spirit who feasts on human hearts in order to maintain her lovely, youthful appearance. When General Wang Sheng rescues her from a band of Xiongnus and brings her home, trouble brews as the demon falls in love with the general, who is married to Pei Rong.

Director: Gordon Chan

Producer(s): Gordon Chan

Produced by: Golden Sun Film Co., Ltd. Golden Sun Films Holdings Ltd., Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Shanghai Film Group, Ning Xia Film Studio, Dinglongda (Beijing) International Culture Media Co., Ltd., Eastern Mordor Film Co., Ltd., Wuhan Huaqi Movies & TV Production Co., Ltd., Beijing New Film Association Co., Ltd.

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Donnie Yen, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Betty Sun, Chen Kun

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