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One More Chance (2005)

85 minutes / Drama, Comedy

Plot Synopsis: Three men meet in prison and become good friends. Upon release, they continue to uphold their friendship. They are determined to turn over a new leaf and make good their lives. Little did they expect the difficulties in store for them.

Director: Toh Lan Sin, Jack Neo, Michael Woo

Producer(s): Boris Boo

Produced by: Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Boku Films

Language: Mandarin, English, Malay, Hokkien

Cast: Asmiyati Bin Ashbah, Boris Boo, Hong Chen, Chi Kang Chin, Marcus Chin, Apple Hong, Chen Hong, Po Ju Huang, Daisy Irani, M.C. King, Mark Lee, Jack Neo, Johnny Ng, Lina Ng, Bok Koon See, Michelle Tay, Henry Thia, Sipei Zeng, Megan Zheng, Vikneshwarans/o Subramaniam, Ali Hisham b Abdul Rahim

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