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Old Cow vs Tender Grass (2010)

95 minutes / Comedy, Romance

Plot Synopsis: At 49, Singaporean taxi driver Moo (Henry Thia) is still trying to find a lifelong companion. He encounters the young but eccentric Moon (Crystal Lin), who is always seen with her pet, Bubbles (the dog), and feeding stray animals, after taking her as a passenger, and takes a liking. Meanwhile his best friend and colleague, also a taxi driver (Jack Lim), is also trying to find love and finds success when he meets a dashing beer girl from China with the name of Xiao Hong (Siau Jia Hui).

Director: Fok Chi Kai

Producer(s): Ng San San

Produced by: Clover Films, Apostorophefilms

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Henry Thia, Crystal Lin, Jack Lim

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