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Number 1 (2020)

98 minutes / Comedy, Drama

Plot Synopsis:

Number 1 (2020) is a music comedy that follows the story of a redundant white-collar worker. After many failed interviews, Chee-beng finally manages to secure a job as an assistant general manager at Number 1, a drag club. Chee-beng is forced to stand in as a cross dresser and surprisingly, he turns out to be so good that he eventually becomes the biggest star on the drag scene.

Director: Ong Kuo Sin

Producer(s): Boi Kwong

Produced by: mm2 Entertainment, Clover Films

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Mark Lee, Cassandra See, Gina Tan, Jaspers Lai, Kiwebaby Chang, Darius Tan, Kenneth, Gadrick Chin, Henry Thia, Caryn Cheng

Critical Analysis:

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