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Miss Wonton (2001)

87 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: Ah Na is an illegal immigrant in New York City who finds employment in a Chinese restaurant. Fleeing from the persecution of her native village in China, she discovers that more oppression awaits her in America. In a naive quest for the American Dream, Ah Na begins visiting Grand Central Station’s ‘Golden Palace’, where Caucasian men go to pick up immigrant women. It is there that she meets Jack, a slick suburbanite whom she hopes will help her to start a new life. However, Jack proves himself to fall devastatingly short of her expectations.

Director: Meng Ong

Producer(s): Eve Applebaum

Produced by: Dreamchamber Films

Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Cast: Amy Ting, Ben Wang, James C. Burns, Chyna Wu, Shen Han Ying, Tienne Vu and Sakura Teng

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