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Memories of a Burning Tree (2010)

86 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: Smith comes to Dar es Salaam to tie up some loose ends. He meets Link, a tourist guide, who agrees to help him. Along the way they are offered help by Abdul, a grave digger, and Toatoa, a metal scavenger, who themselves are searching for answers to their own journeys. Their search eventually leads them to realise that this is a never-ending journey of dreams and disappointments. With an ensemble cast of non-professional actors and an improvised script, this film is an homage to the road movie genre, where ultimately the road ends when you want it to end.

Director: Sherman Ong

Producer(s): Sherman Ong

Produced by: Paddy Pictures

Language: Swahili

Cast: Smith Kimaro, Link Reuben, Miriam Emanuel, Khalid Saleh Bilal, Grace Mathayo, Abdul Khalfan Malaika, Mariam Rashid, Raheli Augustino, Mosses Samseni

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