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Lucky 7 (2008)

84 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: Filmmaker Sun Koh draws together six other like-minded filmmakers in order to fashion this cinematic exquisite corpse presented as a lighthearted look at life in contemporary Singapore. Actor Sunny Pang serves as the one constant in segments by filmmakers Brian Gothong Tan, K. Rajagopal, Boo Junfeng, Chew Tze Chaun, Ho Tzu Nyen, Tania Sng, and project mastermind Koh. In contrast to the omnibus style of filmmaking, the segments crafted by each director combine to form a gentle, somewhat self-mocking love letter to life in the southeast Asian country.

Director: Sun Koh, K Rajagopal, Boo Junfeng, Brian Gothong Tan, Chew Tze Chuan, Ho Tzu Nyen, Tania Sng

Producer(s): Sun Koh

Produced by: Lucky 7 Film Company

Language: Mandarin, Teochew, Sinhalees, English

Cast: Sunny Pang

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