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Like Sunshine After Rain (2010)

96 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: Jia Wei (played by Julie Woon) is an abused woman who has run away from her violent husband. She ends up in a quaint little town, and takes a job at a piano cafe. With the generosity of kind souls there, Jia rediscovers her self-confidence and more importantly, finds happiness. However. things take an abrupt turn for the worse, and Jia’s life is thrown back into chaos. Will she have the strength and courage to rise yet again, and claim her true destiny?

Director: Jeffrey Chiang

Producer(s): Jeffrey Chiang

Produced by: Cinetopia in association with Splices Creative

Language: English, Mandarin

Cast: Julie Woon, Ang Pei Chern, Tony Wong, Chuah Chow Aun, Cindy Chen

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