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Lang Tong (2014)

83 minutes / Thriller

Plot Synopsis:

After Zack begins dating his online chat friend Stephanie, he asks her for a large sum of money, then dumps her when she finds him with another woman. Soon after, Zack begins a relationship with Li Ling, who lives with her younger sister, Li Er. While carrying on an affair with Li Er, Zack asks Li Ling for money. Li Ling not only gives him the money, but adds him to her will as a beneficiary. When Li Er finds out, she requests that Zack kill her sister, as Li Er blames Li Ling for their mother's death.

Director: Sam Loh

Producer(s): Sam Loh

Produced by: mm2 Entertainment

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Angeline Yap, Vivienne Tseng, William Lawandi, Esther Goh

Critical Analysis:

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