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It's a Great, Great World 《大世界》 (2011)

100 minutes / Comedy, Family

Plot Synopsis: It's A Great Great World is set in Singapore's legendary amusement park named Great World, which was also known to locals by its Hokkien name 'Tua Seh Kai'. Spanning from the 1940s to the present day, the film presents four tales centred on attractions within these once famous walls. At present time, Ah Min finds four old pictures in her mother's photography studio and seeks out her mother's old friend Goh Ah Beng, who tells her the stories behind these photographs. These four stories include: A clown on a quest to have his photo taken with English movie star Elizabeth Taylor and tells his experience to his ageing mother. The tale of a carnival shooting gallery operator who experiences her first teenage love with a Malaysian medicinal oil seller's son. A washed up diva of the Flamingo Nightclub who used to sing for her lost love, and rediscovers true support by her audience and her manager. A lok-lok seller who narrates the story of his wedding dinner with his mute wife the night the Japanese invaded Singapore during World War II. Interwoven into the film are stories of a multitude of characters that lived, worked, played, sang danced and even fell in love in Great World.

Director: Kelvin Tong

Producer(s): Gayarti Su Lin Pillai

Produced by: MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, in association with Innoform Media and Astro Shaw

Language: Hokkien, Shanghainese, Teochew, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, English, Thai

Cast: Yvonne Lim, Ben Yeo, Olivia Ong, Nancy Sit, Chew Chor Meng, Lin Ruping, Henry Thia, Lai Meng, Chen Tianwen, Gurmit Singh, Joanne Peh, John Cheng, Zhang Zhenhuan, Ng Hui, Zheng Geping, Xiang Yun, Huang Wenyong, Paige Chua, Guo Liang, Chen Shucheng, Apple Hong, Bryan Wong, Zhang Yaodong, Marcus Chin, Kym Ng, Ix Shen, Dennis Chew, Tay Yin Yin, Sam Tseng, Justin Ang, Babes in the City

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