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Invisible City (2007)

58 minutes / Documentary

Plot Synopsis: Chronicling the ways people attempt to leave a mark before they and their histories disappear. Invisible City director Tan Pin Pin interviews people – photographers, journalists and archaeologists – who are propelled by curiosity to find a City for themselves.

The documentary conveys how deeply personal their search is and how fragile their histories are, hanging on only through their memories and artefacts. Interwoven with the interviews is never-seen-before footage and photos of Singapore culled from the interviewees' personal archives.

Director: Tan Pin Pin

Producer(s): Tan Pin Pin

Produced by: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore Film Commission, Asian Network of Documentary (Pusan International Film Festival), Mindwasabi, Naresh Mahtani

Language: Mandarin, Japanese, English

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