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Innocents (2013)

88 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: In the monsoon season of 1980s Singapore, Syafiqah enters a harsh and unsympathetic institution, where she befriends an ostracised boy. Misunderstood and bullied, they while away their afternoons in the giant storm drains behind their school, carving out a fragile world of fantasy and freedom. But as the rains intensify, a vow of secrecy forces her to embark on a quest of independence well beyond her years. In this gentle and delicate coming of age story, Chen-Hsi Wong's sensitive imagery and honest performances critically investigate horrifying memories of childhood within the paternal landscape of a swiftly evolving city-state.

Director: Wong Chen Hsi

Producer(s): Wong Chen Hsi

Produced by: Analog Robot

Language: English, Malay

Cast: George Kuruvilla, Nameera Ashley, Chengyue Cai

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