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In the Room (2016)

104 minutes / Comedy, Drama, Romance

Plot Synopsis:

All the six stories start just after the surrender of the British to Japanese troops in Singapore in 1942. All stories- involving sex, transpire in the same room of the same Singaporean hotel. Six stories of six different Japanese, British, and Chinese couples spread over several decades. Segment 1- Rubber: A gay love romance between two middle aged men - A British, who does not want to leave for England without the other and a Singaporean, who wants to stay. Segment 2 - Pussy: An experienced woman teaches some young girls how to use their sexuality against men. Segment 3 - Listen: After a band play at a hotel at a New-Year's-Eve, they go to their room and celebrate with an orgy and lots of drugs. Segment 4 - Change: A transsexual and his/her boyfriend are very excited for the next day's gender-change surgery. Segment 5 - Search: A young wife of a rich businessman spends erotic moments with her teenage lover while he is away. Segment 6 - First Time: A young woman who never had an orgasm comes to hotel with her male buddy to forget her latest lover.

Director: Eric Khoo

Producer(s): Nansun Shi

Produced by: Zhao Wei Films

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Josie Ho, George Young, Daniel Jenkins, Show Nishino, Choi Woo-shik, Lawrence Wong

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