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Imperfect (2012)

96 minutes / Action, Crime

Plot Synopsis: He Jianhao is released from the Boys' Home and his mother Huifang, is worried that he would be led astray again. Thus, she wants him to look after her stall in Bugis under her stepsister's supervision. Jian Hao's girlfriend Shanshan also manages to convince him to retake his O-levels. Jian Hao is getting back on the right path and his future seems promising. Jianhao's friend, Zach, joined a gang Yi Ren Tang to get protection as he is always bullied by Alex. Wang Guodong is a gang leader of 660 and also the father of Alex. Jianhao joined the Yi Ren Tang after much persuasion from Zach...

Director: Steve Cheng

Producer(s): Nan Xing Li

Produced by: Corner Stone Pictures, mm2 Entertainment, Clover Films

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Kimberly Chia, Tsu-Ping Chiang, Ian Fang

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