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Homecoming (2011)

90 minutes / Comedy

Plot Synopsis: Taking place over one day - the eve of Chinese New Year, one of the biggest holidays in the Asian calendar - the film chronicles the misadventures of three different groups of individuals as they try to return home for that all-important annual family event, the Reunion Dinner. A Singapore-Malaysia co-production starring top comedians from both countries, Homecoming (Chinese title, "Laughing All The Way Home") is a joyride from start to finish.

Director: Lee Thean-Jeen

Producer(s): Pui Yin Chan

Produced by: Homerun Asia

Language: Hokkien, Mandarin, Malay, English

Cast: Mark Lee, Jack Neo, Ah Niu, Afdlin Shauki, Koe Yeet, Rebecca Lim, Jacelyn Tay, Liu Ling Ling, Anna Ru Ping Lim, Huang Wenyong, Susan Lay, Huang Wenhong

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