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Greedy Ghost (2012)

92 minutes / Horror, Comedy

Plot Synopsis: Lim has always been unlucky and struggles to make ends meet. His luck seemingly changes for the better, when he chances upon the Wordless Script that gives him the winning lottery number. Allured by the Wordless Script’s constant offers of winning numbers, Lim succumbs to seduction and indulges in his newfound, but undeserving, wealth. As Lim’s life gets better, he becomes increasingly dependent on the Wordless Script, seeking its advice in everything. Soon, the Book Spirit residing in the Wordless Script reveals to Lim that he has to pay for his riches with his life. The shocked and desperate Lim tries to bargain. Is there really no way for him to redeem himself from this mess? Or is death the ultimate solution?

Director: Boris Boo

Producer(s): Mark Lee

Produced by: Asia Tropical Films

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Kang Kang, Henry Thia, Brendan Yuen, Jesseca Liu

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