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Gaston Melies and his Wondering StarFilm Company (2015)

60 minutes / Documentary

Plot Synopsis:

In 1912-1913, while his brother Georges Melies was still filming imaginary trips in his Parisian studio, Gaston Melies took a ten-month long trip around the world, producing over 60 fiction and non fiction movies on location in Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Java, Singapore, Cambodia and Japan. He wanted the “real” thing”. He filmed with the locals, being one of the first to give Polynesians, Maoris, Aborigines and Khmers a chance to appear on screen. In Singapore, he filmed two fictions, The Poisoned Darts shot in Pasir Ris, and Hise Chinese Friend, as well as two documentaries, A Chinese Funeral and A Day at Singapore.

Director: Raphael Millet

Producer(s): Olivier Bohler

Produced by: Nocturnes Productions, Phish Communications

Language: English, French

Cast: Gaston Melies

Critical Analysis:

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