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Forever (2011)

89 minutes / Comedy, Romance

Plot Synopsis: Joey, a talented video consultant, shares the art of marrying a man through her romantic 'faux' wedding videos, which are screened to young singles all over Singapore. The idea of fantasy and reality is blurred when she falls madly in love with a handsome music teacher from Taiwan who appeared with her in a landmark wedding video. While Gin claims his affection for her was strictly for the video, Joey pursues him to make him see that she is his true bride. Will her relentless drive to restore the happiness and joy she once knew be her ultimate failing and undoing?

Director: Wee Li Lin

Producer(s): Silvia Wong

Produced by: Bobbing Buoy Films, Add Oil Films, Singapore Film Commission

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Joanna Dong, Kayden Kessler, ZioZio Lim, Morning Tzu-Yi Mo, Sarah Ng, Dwayne Tan Dwayne Tan, Kiat-Sing Teo, Jeszlene Zhou

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