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Feet Unbound (2007)

90 minutes / Documentary

Plot Synopsis: This is the never-been-told story of the Chinese Red Army's teenage female soldiers of The Long March - a massive military retreat of over 200,000 troops on foot over 12,500 kilometres that lasted from 1934 to1937. Elly, a 28-year-old journalist from Beijing, embarks on a 5,000 kilometre odyssey that takes her from Cangxi in Central China to Xingxingxia in the Gobi Desert northwest of China. Along the way, she uncovers the tragic and chilling story of the destruction of the Western Route Army - the greatest military failure of the Chinese Red Army. This episode of Long March history is largely unknown outside of China. As she sets out in search of history, she is forced to confront her own identity as a modern Chinese woman.

Director: Ng Khee Jin

Producer(s): Ng Khee Jin

Language: English, Mandarin

Cast: Elly Zhen Ying

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