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Everybody's Business (2013)

91 minutes / Comedy

Plot Synopsis: When 22 people fall victim to a widespread bout of food poisoning, John Lu, a hygiene inspector, is tasked with finding answers. He traces the source of the contaminated food to an old-school coffee-shop, and in the process, uncovers an even larger national issue - dirty public toilets. Thus, the Ministry of Toilets is formed, handling any business to do with Singaporeans' business.

Director: Lee Thean-jeen

Producer(s): Chan Pui Yin, Leonard Lai, Seah Saw Yam, Toong Soo Wei

Produced by: Scorpio East Pictures, mm2 Entertainment, J Team Productions

Language: English

Cast: Gurmit Singh, Mark Lee, Liu Ling Ling, Wang Lei, Kumar

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