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Eclipses (2011)

104 minutes / Drama, Documentary

Plot Synopsis: A woman begins to come to terms with society after having withdrawn into her own world to mourn her late husband. The film splinters away to document the characters surrounding her – people from different classes, including the director’s own family. An investigation of the landscapes in which we live, work, and play, this is Singapore seen through the prisms of family, class and race.

Director: Daniel Hui

Producer(s): Tan Bee Thiam

Produced by: 13 Little Pictures

Language: English, Mandarin, Indonesian, Bengali

Cast: Pong Heng Chia, David Ee, Kim Han Goh, Violet Goh, Mun Cheok Hey, Mohammad Mubarak Hussein, Lung Chieh Lim, Vel Ng, Endah Priyatin, Ah See Yeang

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