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Durian King (2013)

70 minutes / Family

Plot Synopsis: The king of fruits for locals, and the object of fear and loathing for Westerners; durian is perhaps the most controversial of all fruits. For people who call Singapore their home it is a delicacy; but for expats its odor is revolting, and the thought of eating it, unimaginable. Equally hard to imagine is a friendship between a fifty-year-old Chinese durian man and a twelve-year-old expat American boy. But that is exactly what happens to Charlie Sim and Jonathan Seymore in the Durian King.

Director: David Hevey

Producer(s): Malcom Young

Produced by: Firefly Films

Language: English

Cast: Laura Kee, Michael Kwah, Michael Lee, Lim Kay Tong, Aidan Swift

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