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Distance (2016)

108 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis:

A conflicted manager on a business trip is intrigued by an elderly worker and investigates his life.

A young father receives a letter that brings him to a foreign land, where old emotions come unburied.

A visiting professor from overseas sets a student's heart fluttering, while having to deal with his own.

Different characters, different relationships, the same humanity; stories about the distances between us and how we live with them.

Director: Xin Yukun, Tan Shijie, Sivaroj Kongsakul

Producer(s): Wenhong Huang, Jianbin Zhang

Produced by: Giraffe Pictures

Language: English, Mandarin

Cast: Chen Bolin, Jiang Wenli, Tony Yang, Paul Chun, Chayanit Chansangavej

Critical Analysis:

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