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Dance of the Dragon (2008)

111 minutes / Drama, Music, Romance

Plot Synopsis: Determined to become a ballroom dancer, country boy KWAN farewells his disapproving father and journeys to a renowned studio in Singapore to train under his idol EMI, a former champion. A fish out of water, Kwan struggles to survive in the big city, and having taught himself to dance solely from instructional videos he's the worst student at the studio. Emi however recognizes his passion and hidden talent. When the other students shun Kwan as a partner for the looming ballroom dancing championships, Emi steps in and romance blossoms. However, Emi's ex boyfriend CHENG, the reigning kung fu champion, refuses to let her go and fuelled by jealousy forces Kwan to accept a challenge, a show down of furious martial arts routines, with the loser leaving town, and Emi for good.

Director: Max Mannix, John Radel

Producer(s): Robin Leong

Produced by: Silk Road Pictures, JRL Pictures

Language: English, Korean

Cast: Jason Scott Lee, Fann Wong, Hyuk Jang, Jason Chan, Lim Kay Tong

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