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Citizen Hustler (2020)

100 minutes / Documentary

Plot Synopsis:

The forced closure of the Sungei Road flea market in 2017 leaves evicted hawkers like Fook Seng, in his 60s and with a variety of ailments, with little recourse. For him and his partner, negotiating is imperative to their survival—beyond their informal trade, it is also the way they wend their way through the thicket of bureaucracy to access financial aid.

Joining them is director Tan Biyun, who wears several hats in the film: a listener in warm interactions, an aide to their efforts in securing financial assistance, while amplifying moments demanding action. In this irreverent collaboration, neither filmmaker nor subject is taken for granted: “This film advertises me,” Fook Seng declares.

Director: Tan Biyun

Producer(s): Tan Biyun, Sharmeen/Sifar

Produced by: Cinemovement, Potocol

Language: English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew

Cast: Chan Fook Seng, Seah Siok Tiang

Critical Analysis:

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