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Chennai 2 Singapore (2017)

130 minutes / Romance, Comedy

Plot Synopsis:

A romantic comedy story about a struggling filmmaker Harish from Chennai, who makes his way to Singapore to look for investors who could finance his dream movie but everything goes wrong upon his arrival there. However with the help of Vaanampaadi, an eccentric cameraman, Harish almost realises his dream. But that’s when he meets a beautiful girl called Roshini who is suffering from cancer and nearing her final days of life. The story takes an unexpected turn when he abandons his dearest ambition and sets on an adventure around Singapore to brighten Roshini’s life and to fulfil her wishes.

Director: Abbas Akbar

Producer(s): Erdinc Turan

Produced by: Comicbook Films India Private Ltd

Language: Tamil

Cast: Gokul Anand, Rajesh Balachandiran, Emcee Jesz, Shiva Keshav, Krishnan, Anju Kurian

Critical Analysis:

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