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Cages (2007)

90 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: An estranged family goes through the painful process of healing their wounds in this independent drama set in modern-day Singapore. Ali is a strong-willed single mother who is caring for her eight-year-old son Jonah, who is blind. A sudden string of bad luck and an abrupt breakup with her boyfriend Ethan leaves Ali and Jonah with no place to live, and they are forced to take refuge with Tan, Ali's father.

Director: Graham Streeter

Producer(s): Joshua Wong, Tania Sng, Frank Cody, Hari Chembukave, Cindy Gallop

Produced by: Aquafire Productions, Imperative Pictures

Language: English

Cast: Mako Iwamatsu,Tan Kheng Hua, Zelda Rubinstein, Bobby Tonelli, Dickson Tan, Asrani

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