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Buffalo Boys (2018)

103 minutes / Action, Historical Drama

Plot Synopsis:

Set in 19th Century Java, the murder of Sultan Hamza by Captain Van Trach and his Dutch soldiers force Arana, Jamar and Suwo – the sultan’s brother and infant sons – to flee the country, bringing them halfway around the world to the American Wild West. After working the railroads and learning the cowboy way of life, Arana tells the boys it’s time to return to their homeland and avenge their father’s death. Their presence soon puts the village – still under Van Trach’s control – in grave danger, turning their quest for revenge into a desperate fight for freedom.

Director: Mike Wiluan

Producer(s): Freddie Yeo, Eric Khoo, Tan Fong Cheng, Huang Junxiang, Mike Wiluan

Produced by: Infinite Frameworks, Zhao Wei Films, Bert Pictures

Language: Indonesian, English

Cast: Yoshi Sudarso, Aryo Bayu, Pevita Pearce

Critical Analysis:

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